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The new generation of trench convectors FOKS

20-05-2014  |  Administrator

The new generation of trench convectors FOKS

It is said that there are no perfect things, but check out the advantages of new convectors and have a think…

Mounting part:

- Noise reduction due to the new system of suspension elements of convector.
- Easier wiring for new terminals and more holes for the power cord.
- Rugged construction of the heat exchanger.
- Guard against breakage of the heat exchanger.
- Universal bath for left and right version of the convector
- Leveling screws installed outside the tub of the convector.
- Additional leveling screws every 80 cm of the length of the tub.
- Additional anchor plate for mounting in concrete.
- "One tool" installation - all elements of the convector (except piping) can be installed only with a universal allen key M4, which is part of the package.
- More effective fans (for example FPKV 240/09/28 will currently spend 0.82A instead of 1.1A, it means that one power module can manage more coils.

Electrical part:

- Additional fan speed control unit
- Low voltage 24V DC.
- 24V DC LED test.
- Sensor "Bypass" for passive test of fans (not included heating and cooling).
- Additional potentiometer to limit the maximum fan speed.


- Protective foil for aluminum and stainless steel parts.
- Possibility of additional insulation to reduce noise.
- Protective board for construction site
- Fixing bars protecting the body of convector from banding while concreting

Bet on the quality, bet on FOKS !