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Convector bench with a plate FOKS DWARF/D
Floor Convector FOKS SPIRIT
Wall convector FOKS ELEMENT
Floor Convector for embedding in the floor (swimming pool version) FOKS BREEZE
Sill convector FOKS SMART

Floor Convector Heating & Ventilation

FIDOKS BULGARIA Ltd. is producer of wide range convector heaters FOKS. Except of its own production it is professionalist in domestic and industrial ventilation. Fidoks Bulgaria is the official partner for Bulgaria of German producer of ventilation Helios Ventilatoren.


Floor heating convectors
Floor heating convectors
Other convectors
Other convectors
Heat recovery
Heat recovery

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Why choose Fidoks?

Beauty & Functionality in One In nowadays' homes, the design of heating and cooling systems ...
Energy saving systems
Fans of floor convectors FOKS are equipped with most modern energy saving EC motors. Thanks to t ...
Return to nature. If you've ever dreamed of living in nature, surrounded by flowering trees, chi ...
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