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Energy saving systems

Fans of floor convectors FOKS are equipped with most modern energy saving EC motors. Thanks to this technology, fans spend only 7,5 W (total), which compared with a modern energy-saving bulb is about 3 times less, and competitive floor convectors - 10 times less.

This is the heating system of the new generation, and work without consumption, or rather a negligible amount of electricity. When packing the system with a heat pump can talk for central inverter air conditioning system with year-round regime of work, moreover using the symbolic power consumption . As dignity of the climate system ,except than low energy cost can be observed independent temperature control in individual rooms of the building,which can be programmed in a weekly cycle.

The choice of water fan coil heating and cooling is an excellent energy-saving solution to provide year round comfort microclimate. Modern technology provides a low temperature of the heating element also prevents air from drying and minimizes the powderburns. This make the convectors safe for health.

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