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Floor convectors with fan

FOKS FPKV, FPKV-HC, FPK and convectors are designed for installation in the floor, mainly in places where can be placed higher heating units, i.e. about French type windows, transitions to winter gardens, reception halls, in public buildings (shops, officesetc..) and also in family houses. The combination of various colors overlayinggrids provide an option for these convectors for each type of interior.

In places where convectors FOKS FPK is not recommended in terms of their performance, put convectors FOKS FPKV designed with tangential fan. Convectors FOKS FPKV be placed in areas where there are high temperature losses. The rotation speed of the fan can be changed depending on the room temperature, allowingFPKVconvector to react flexibly to temperature change.

Floor convectors with fan FOKS BREEZE
Floor convectors with fan FOKS BREEZE
Floor convectors with fan FOKS SPIRIT 9-28
Floor convectors with fan FOKS SPIRIT 9-28
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