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Heat recovery

Fidoks Bulgaria Ltd. is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the leading German ventilation solutions manufacturer Helios Ventilatoren GmbH. The company has been designing and producing ventilation systems and components for over 60 years, being a leader in its segment. The product portfolio ranges from small domestic fans to complete solutions for industrial application. Large scale axial fans extend the choice of volums, reaching 2 000 000 m3/h. The latter  find application in heating, cooling, freezing, drying and others. Helios' modern factory is located on a 100 000 mspace, half being a production premises, equipped with the most contemporary technology.

First-grade Energy Efficiency

As a leader in the ventilation industry, the majority of Helios' product portfolio meets nowadays standards for energy efficiency. Thanks to the new brushless EC-motor technology they reach savings of over 50%.

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