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Floor heating convectors

Heating convectors are preferred in most European countries because of the great energy savings, quick system response, modern design and the natural healthy living environment they create. All this is made possible through the different principle of working of the convectors – natural convection, differentiating it from radiators and floor heating. Heating convectors work with all types of energy sources – electricity, gas, oil, solar energy, heat pumps, bio mass and are suitable for all types of buildings – family houses and apartments, residential buildings, administrative buildings and industrial premises.

How does it work?

Heating convectors work on the principle of natural convection, i.e. they are using the constant movement of hot air from the bottom of the room upward to the ceiling. The air is being heated by the heart of every convector – a heat exchanger with attached aluminum fins with unique wave shape. The system works, as hot water goes through the heat exchanger tube, transferring the heat through the fins, which from their side heat up the passing air.

Some convector models can be used for co-cooling as well. They work in the same principle, but instead of hot water, there is cold water or another cooling liquid in the system.

The natural convection effect can be intensified through embedding and electrical fan inside the convector. Thus, the so called forced or optimized convection occurs. Forced convection allows more volume of air to pass through the convector body, increasing the power of the convector.

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