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International Technical Fair Plovdiv 2014.

30-09-2014  |  Administrator

International Technical Fair Plovdiv 2014.

Yesterday, 29.9., started 70th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. Despite the fact that FIDOKS Bulgaria has many interesting things to show, we decided not to attend the fair. We took into account the declining number of exhibitors and companies, especially at the exposure to energy and ecology (ENECO) and instead our participation we decided to give a small donation to one kindergarten in Karlovo and thereby made the everyday lives of children nicer and more interesting.

However, anyone who wants to learn more about our products and how it is produced, “Welcome” to our headquarters in Karlovo.
Probably, for our partners will be interesting, that in 2015 our company FIDOKS Bulgaria will conduct trainings that we haven’t done before.

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