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Left and right version of convectors

07-04-2014  |  Administrator

Left and right version of convectors

Did you know that our product range has an option of the left or right version of convectors FOKS?

Firstly it must be said that FOKS has to models, where it doesn’t matter whether convector is left or right – these are FOKS DWARF (with a grid or a board) and convector FOKS CLOUD (trench convector without fan). These models can be mounted both ways, because their construction is symmetrical.

Problem occurs when we are talking about convectors with a fan – FOKS SPIRIT, FOKS SMART, FOKS BREEZE – or wall convector – FOKS ELEMENT.

Let’s start with convectors with a fan.
These models have a designated place for the fan and heat exchanger. It means that if the convector is installed in a standard way (fan directed to the window and heat exchanger to the room)*, the connections for pipes will be directed to the right and power cable penetrations to the left. In other words, when we look to the window from the room and the fan convector is under the window (correct installation) then the pipe connections are on the right side.

“Okay, but I want the pipes to be connected to the left – does it mean that the convector installed incorrectly, i.e. the heat exchanger is under the window?”

Of course not: FOKS has always a solution!
In this case the left version of the convector is exactly what you need. The left version is a mirror version of the standard right version. It means, that if you look from the room to the window, the opened tub for connecting pipes are on the left and cable penetrations on the right side, but the fan and heat exchanger still remains the correct place. To order such a model, please add to the code letter “L”. For example FPKV 160/9/28-S-L (letter “S” means silver aluminum frame).

The left version of wall convectors FOKS ELEMENT means that the hole in the hull of thermostatic head is on the left side. For their code applies the same as for the code of fan convectors (in order code must be added letter “L”).

Now you know.

Greetings from the team FOKS

* For convectors with optional pre-cooling FOKS BREEZE is the only correct way for installation the method, when the fan is below the window and heat exchanger is directed to the room !